Full Pocket Front and Back

Full Pocket Front and Back A full sized pocket is built not only on the back, but the front as well. This folder allows for documents, X-rays and other items that can not be attached within the folder to be stored within one or both pockets. This folder has a unique 12 ¼” wide back panel that forms a full size pocket on the inside back panel of the folder, as well as an 11 ½” full size pocket on the front. Each pocket has a thumb cut for easy access. The full end tab allows for the effective use of color coding labels. This folder is ideal for dental and medical applications. Fasteners allow for documents to be attached securely within the file.

  • Reinforced end tab
  • Tab 3/4” wide
  • Full size pocket on inside front and back
  • Scored tick marks for label placement
  • Top corners rounded, front and back
  • 10% recycled content, 10% post-consumer material
  • 11pt manila stock
  • Front panel 9 ½” high
  • 2” bonded fasteners
LETTER SIZE: 12 ¼” w X 9 ½” H Overall, 9 ½” Front, Full Pocket on inside front and back.