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Effectively managing information is a core component of a successful organization. The key to success in any environment is the ability to locate information in an efficient and cost effective manner. Our Filing Systems Consultants provide assistance in improving existing filing methodologies through:

  • Design and creation of new filing systems
  • Improve filing room efficiency
  • Consolidating multiply filing systems into one efficient system
  • File room relocation
  • File room purges


Filing Systems Consultants work closely with your organization to meet the requirements of your filing initiatives. Through our survey process we observe current filing methods and obtain a complete understanding of the retrieval and filing of various documents (paper, microfilm, digital images, etc). In
addition, our consultants will also provide an evaluation of the filing space, the needs of employee procedures and current/pending records regulations. Based on the evaluation, our consultants will provide effective solutions to improve the efficiency of your records management program.


RELOCATE: Standard moving companies can box files and relocate them. Filing systems specialists correctly stores, boxes, moves and refiles your system, in perfect order, in your new location, across town or down the hall.

PURGE: Filing Systems Specialists will assist you in evaluating systems burdened with inactive files; pull them, box them, label for future retrieval and move them to your designated storage location.

EXPAND: Filing Systems Specialists are experts in reconfiguring existing filing space requirements. We isolate your current system, reconfigure the file room, add additional space as required, and reload the files to accommodate growth.

COMBINE: OR DIVIDE: Merging or separating businesses? Filing Systems Specialists can separate one system into several, or consolidate several systems into one. We’re there when you need us.

NEW AND/OR CUSTOM FILE DEVELOPMENT: Our staff will study your current filing methods and collaborate with your staff to develop an industry standard system that better serves your filing needs. Need something nonstandard? We pride ourselves on new and innovative ways to accommodate your specific requirements.


Our professionals will conduct a confidential on-site audit, including a complete case study and cost analysis of your filing system project. We offer a variety of services for conversions ranging from record room moves to file room restructuring. We provide Conversion Management, Conversion Personnel and supplies appropriate to the project. Our staff of conversion professionals are experienced in complex conversion projects, and as your partner, we complete your filing system project more efficiently and cost effectively than could be achieved by your staff alone. Please contact your sales representative for information on our survey
process. Your organization’s records management requirements deserve innovative solutions provided by leading experts in filing.

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