If you have special filing needs that require customized filing products or are looking to start a filing system from scratch to create the exact system that works the way your work, we can help! We are experts at matching existing filing products that already are working for you or setting up a filing system that works even better for you and save you money in the process. We can provide systems that allow you to open the box and start filing. Whatever your filing requirements are just ask! Our systems consultants are happy to provide ideas and discuss options to get your filing system to work for you, not you working for you filing system. Call us and we will work with to
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Custom File Folder
  • Choose your Folder Stock (manila, color, pressboard)
  • Affix Fasteners in Any Position
  • Select up to a 3″ Expansion
  • Install Custom Dividers
  • Print Custom Copy on any Folder Panel
  • Attach Manila or Poly Pockets
  • Add Custom Color Coding Labels

Made-To-Order (MTO) Fastener Folders

Top Tab & End Tab


Folders with Installed Fasteners

Top tab or end tab manila, pressboard, kraft and colored folders can be ordered with fasteners installed in any of eight different positions. Several folders with fasteners in position no. 1 or positions no. 1 & 3 are listed as stock items. Other positions must be ordered on an MTO basis. NOTE: Metal tabs may prevent proper positioning in positions no. 2 and no. 8. Fastenrers applied in posiitons no 6 or no. 7 may affect the expansion feature of the folder.
Exact placement of the fastener is based on standard letter or legal size folders. Any deviation from standard positions must be detailed on your order and will be priced and processed as an MTO item.

Fastener Styles

MTO installed fasteners are available in three styles. Choose the style that best fits your needs.

“2K” Style Fasteners

All metal fastener with brown enamel finish. Recessed into the folder from the outside, “2K” style fasteners provide superior strength to hold large amounts of papers. Available in 2″ capacity for 2-3/4″ center-to-center punched papers only.

“2B” Style Fasteners

A strong fiber base bonds the brown enamel metal prongs of the fastener to the inside of folders. Fastener is not visible from the outside of the folder. Available in 2″capacity for 2-3/4″ center-to-center punched papers only.

“2U” Style Fasteners

The flexible design of this fastener allows folders to function like ring binders. Self-adhesive base attaches to any folder. Available in 2″capacity for 2-3/4″ center-to-center punched papers.

How To Order MTO Fastener Folders

Select folder required and add prefix “F” to the stock number, select fastener position(s) from illustrations (above 2K or 2B Styles) and proceedas shown in the following examples:
    Folder No. 2-203C with “2B” in Position No. 1
    Order Format: F2-203C/2B1
    Folder No. ET2-150LOR with “2K” in Positions No. 1 and No. 3
    Order Format: FET2-150LOR/2K1&3
  • “2U” STYLE: 
    Folder No. ET2-1509L with “2U” in Position No. 5
    Order Format:FET2-1509L/2U5
  • Please contact us if assisstant needed to place an order

“TP” Style Fasteners

Twin-prong (TP) fasteners are used in dividers where a fastener is desired on both sides. All metal fasteners are finished in brown enamel. Fastener has 1″ capacity prongs on one side of the divider and 5/8″ capacity on the other. The 1″ prongs are inserted through slits in the divider and folded back to provide fasteners on both sides. “TP” style fasteners are available installed on an MTO basis or as a separate stock item, TP-1L.

“T” Style Fasteners

Two single brass tangs are attached to folders using brass eyelets. Furnished on 2-3/4″ center-to-center unless otherwise specified, these 1-1/2″ capacity fasteners can be placed in other positions to accept papers punched at other dimensions. “T” style fasteners are available on an MTO basis only.

Punching for Fastener Installation

Folders may be punched to facilitate installation of either installed fasteners or adhesive-backed fasteners. Two styles of punching are available in standard 2-3/4″ center-to-center. All hole punching is furnished on an MTO basis. Punch styles (shown left).

Made-To-Order (MTO) Folders

Top Tab & End Tab

Smead will manufacture folders, pockets, jackets and other products to your specifications. It is essential that we receive the correct information for MTO items to ensure that your order is produced correctly. Exact specifications must be clear and precise. Errors in dimensions, improper or inadequate information will cause unnecessary delays in production and shipment. The below illustrations show the method for measuring special-size items.

Tabs (Sizes & Positions)

Folders and jackets can be manufactured with single-ply or two-ply tabs in custom sizes or positions as MTO items. Detailed dimensions or drawings are required for accurate production to your specifications. Indicate tab positions as illustrated at right.

Top Tab Style Tabs

Indicate the desired tab(s) using the positions shown to the left. Add the position number to stock numbers as a suffix.

Example: Z-155C-3
1/5-Cut Tabs in Center Position Only
This is folder 155C. The “Z-” prefix indicates that the folders are MTO items. The “-3” suffix indicates that the 1/5-cut tabs are to be in the center (number three) position only.

End Tab Style Tabs

Indicate the desired tab(s) using the positions shown to the left. Add the position number to stock numbers as a suffix.

Example: Z-ET1533L
1/3-Cut Tabs in Third Position Only
This is folder ET153L. The “Z-” prefix indicates that the folders are MTO items. The “33” indicates that the 1/3-cut tabs are to be in the third position only.