Slant Pocket

Slant Pocket Closed on the bottom and one side to keep documents safely inside, these file jackets are well suited for storing medical charts, X-rays or photos. The front panel is cut away diagonally, and the right edge is open for easy access to the contents.

  • Reinforced end tab
  • Tab 1/2” wide
  • Full height gusset closed on the left edge, right edge open
  • Full end tab or 4” end tab
  • Straight cut tab embossed for label placement
  • Front panel is cut diagonally in upper right corner
  • Top corners rounded, front and back
  • 10% recycled content, 10% post-consumer material
  • 11pt or 14pt manila stock
  • Front panel undercut ¼”
LETTER SIZE: 12 ¼” w X 9 ½” Overall, 11 ¾” W Body