Custom Fileback Sets

Custom Fileback Sets Specify end or side tabs, tab colors, size, positions and titles. Your specific tab titles will be printed on both sides in black ink with a colored or clear Mylar. Dividers are constructed out of 110# manila stock with pre-affixed 2” fasteners for easy removal and replacement of documents. Dividers are pre-punched and reinforced with tear resistant Mylar. Installed size: 8 1/2” x 11 1/8” with tabs extending an additional 3/8”. Custom dividers can be configured for one to eight tab on either the side or end of the divider. Dividers can be collated into sets or boxed as individual titles.

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Easy Ordering Instructions:
  • Specify End or Side Tabs
  • Specify Top or Side Fastener.
  • Specify each Tab Color.
  • Specify Tab Cut Size (see chart).
  • Specify each Tab position (end tab left to right or side tab top to bottom).
  • Specify each Tab Title.
  • Specify printed tab 1-side or 2-sided.
  • Specify body copy per tab if required.
  • Specify packaging needs: Collated (titles boxed together in sets) or not collated (each title boxed individually).
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